After Image Performance & video installation

Crash Test

White Noise 2

é/change Solo expo Arentshuis Brugge

Interval Wiper Switch


Pitstop Solo expo Garage Neven

White Noise Nona

Flashlight Equipment Solo expo Stuk

Double Focus Imal

They almost missed it Laznia Poland

At home Clermont-Ferrand (FR) and Antwerp (B)

Peanuts in a memory Hopstreet Gallery

Behind the Line Solo expo White House Gallery

Wandelend door mijn hoofd duo expo Jan Colle Gallery

Het sterrenstelsel van de ambtenaar

Art on paper Bozar Solo expo

POV window nr 15 filmfestival Rotterdam


Blur Noir

At H0me


Centraal perspectief

Movements which are never alike