White Noise


site specific drawing, black pigment & oil

Group expo NOISENOISENOISE in NONA, Mechelen, B

Line Boogaerts (BE, 1986) makes ephemeral drawings on windows, glazed doors or large pieces of glass. During the NOISENOISENOISE festival, drawings will thus appear and disappear again.With spatulas and window brushes Boogaerts draws (also live on the evening of April 27th and May 6th) with a mixture of oil & pigment on the entrance doors and she thus makes visible the membrane between inside and outside, the boundary between the everyday bustle of the city and the unique voice of the theatre.The designed earpieces refer to our constant connection with the noise of the digital world. The white noise of the internet. They form blind spots as they often serve to isolate us from unwanted noises. At the same time we are no longer open to encounters, to connections with the real environment around us. As soon as you enter the theatre, you are asked to turn off all unnecessary, disruptive sounds, including your cell phone.  You and the others can better focus on a world with one unique voice. The door closes and you disconnect from all sounds, from the noise of the world, to encounter new sounds, new noises.
text by Andrea Cinel