Peanuts in a memory



invited by Koen Leemans

A project from Hoptsreet Gallery, Brussels, B.

For the work Peanuts in a Memory, Line Boogaerts departs from a few slides from the family archive depicting holiday scenes. Even though she wasn’t born when the photos were taken, she adopts them by using them in her art. She maps small memories (peanuts), sort of like a memento mori, and gives them a meaning that they didn’t originally possess. By using them in her work, she adds herself to the event and becomes part of the memory.
 Photos and slides capture memories, but they also falsify them because as time passes the image replaces the memory. By drawing holiday images on a glass plate, Line Boogaerts actively summons the memories. Every artistic deed implies a decision and therefore a ‘colouring’. It’s the artist who initially chooses to retain the image. By submerging the glass plate in water afterwards, the drawing disappears and the image becomes faint. The water gradually absorbs the paint and holds onto the memory.

text by Koen Leemans

Watch HERE the video.