Interval Wiper Switch


performative installation

concept & realisation: Line Boogaerts

performance & soundscape: Ine Claes

produced by Werktank, with co-production of and Cas-co EXPAND(ed) and Workspace Brussels


2021 – Off The Grid, Leuven (Belgium)
2022 – De Warande, Turnhout (Belgium)
2022 – CC Westrand, Dilbeek (Belgium)
2022 – Dag van de Benedenstad, Leuven (Belgium)
2022 – Garage Neven, Ninove (Belgium)
2020 – The White House Gallery, Lovenjoel (Belgium)

INTERVAL WIPER SWITCH is an installation with a car windscreen.
The performer makes drawings that are erased by a windshield wiper.The drawings refer to the psychology of the occupants.They look through a screen at the sliding landscape.

Line Boogaerts and Ine Claes investigate the interaction between video projection, drawing, movement and sound.
Through the alternating rhythm between layering and transparency, the installation combines human interaction with an artificial reality created by a mechanical environment.

Duration of the performance: 30 min.

Duration of the installation
14:55 min.
An Interval drawing is increasingly being erased by the wipers. Wipers wipes with an Interval.

PDF from Karen Verschooren (STUK) HERE in Nederlands and HERE in English