Double Focus


Site specific installation

Group exhibition ‘(Un)common grounds’ in IMAL, Brussel,B

curated by Natalia Barczyńska, Valentina Bianchi, Josue Aliendre Carvani, (Curatorial Studies (CS) program at KASK Gent), a collaboration between CS/KASK, iMAL, Werktank, and Overtoon.

website Imal

about the work

Line Boogaerts performs environmental observation through temporary drawings on the vitrine of iMAL, the confine between two different states. The work thus binds the inside and outside by layering into the transparency that is in between and adding multiple strata to reality. Depending on the presence of the passersby, the momentary frames force attentiveness, by creating blind spots or places for observation, and acknowledging the constantly changing city landscape, as well as its permanent elements. 

Boogaerts discreetly recalibrates our focus and overlaps different perceptions. During the course of the exhibition, the drawings will naturally deteriorate, providing an ever-changing frame through which to experience our surroundings.

text by Natalia Barczyńska, Valentina Bianchi, Josue Aliendre Carvani)