Site-specific project with ephemeral drawings, video performance and video installation.

Art Exchange gallery, University of Essex, Colchester, UK

Groupexhibition ‘Graphology’, curater by Edwin Carels.

Watch the video HERE

About the work

The work consists in the first place of a two day performance on site. The remains of the drawing which I made during the performance were still to be seen during the exhibition. The performance was registered in two videos. (This at the same time from the outside and the inside.) The videos of the two sides of the window were presented next to each other in the gallery. As a result, you could see the real window and the previously recorded videos. So, you could compare the two times.

For the work I made in Art Exchange gallery in the University of Essex, I started from the environment itself. In the 1960s the campus was founded in the middle of nature. Based on a utopian idea, there was a place created for students, independent from the society. At the same time the University of Essex was known for the first student protests of England.
I used this elements from the history of the University of Essex for the development of the performance: the chaos of the student protests, then the tight, forced urban planning.